Sebastiano Aiello Monuments Inc. in Montréal: Everlasting memories

The functionality and durability of stone

Following in the footsteps of our founder, the craftsmen at Sebastiano Aiello Monuments Inc. are extremely versatile. Why not take advantage of the durability of granite or bronze for your everyday items? Imagine never having to worry about the fragility of ceramic items. We can give you that peace of mind.

Something to suit every taste

We have all types of items in our showroom, from granite and bronze vases to granite address plaques and flower pots, and much more. We also create made-to-order pieces!

A porcelain photograph on a monument

Photographs for eternity

Sebastiano Aiello Monuments Inc. will create porcelain photographs that will preserve the memory of your loved ones for time immemorial.

All porcelain photographs are custom made from your own photographs. Choose from our vast selection of backgrounds and bronze frames.

Keepsake jewellery

We also carry a wide selection of jewellery featuring precious stones for those who wish to add a personal touch to their preparations. With our vast range of sizes and colours, we have the perfect item for every taste and every occasion.

Visit our showroom and see them for yourself!

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